We Bring Back The Friendly To THE RC Skies

Welcome to the Portland Barnstormers Radio-Controlled Flying Club

We Fly For Fun — Come and join us

We are a family-oriented RC flying club and we are dedicated to sharing the fun by helping new members learn to fly RC model aircraft (and if you’re new to the hobby and sport, then check out this great educational web site). We have free on-site flight instruction starting at noon just about every Saturday, and for the months of July to September at 6:00 pm on Tuesday. Both days are subject to the weather cooperating (like you, our instructors don’t like being cold and wet — and days when the wind is much higher than 6 MPH are not very good for training). We have our own training aircraft and transmitters so there’s nothing you need bring apart from yourself — but do use the contact form below to let us know that you’re coming, please!

Many of our members are experienced RC pilots with decades of experience and they are happy to share their experiences with our visitors and less-experienced pilots. We’re also a social club, so some of our members don’t fly that much, but they love just spending time out in Oregon farm country having lunch with friends and watching other members practicing their flying skills.

We’re less than a mile from the historic Butteville General Store, Oregon’s oldest operating retail store — they make great sandwiches, superb home-made pies, and have sinfully good ice cream. You can call in your phone orders at 503.678.1605. So bring your lunch and come on over to visit us.


We welcome pilots of all skill levels from novice to advanced, so don’t feel we’re only focussed on teaching new pilots. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’d love to have you come fly with us! But do check our our Field Guidelines please. We have some restrictions on the kinds of aircraft we can fly (we want to respect the folks who live near the airfield).

We’d Love to Hear From You…

Check out our great runway and our wide open friendly skies!

If you’re new to the hobby and sport of RC aircraft flying and you’d like to get started, or if you have any other questions, please drop us an email using the form on the right. One of our club members will get back to you as soon as they can. (The fields with an * are required.)

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