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Club Meeting **NEW LOCATION** (Click here to see details)

We are going to be meeting at Brad Eaton’s office.

The address is 7453 SW Bridgeport Road, Suite E-235. It is here on Google Maps (there’s also a map below).

You might want to add Brad Eaton’s contact info to your smart phone’s contacts and use either Google Maps or Waze to avoid traffic getting to this new location.

The building is across the street from the SE corner of the Container Store and the concrete parking structure.  The office is in the executive office suite’s door which is on the North side of the building (on the map below, it’s where you see the “Vitality NW Natural Medicine Clinic.”  

Take the elevator to the second floor. Leave the elevator and make a hard right — it’s the first office before the hallway turns. 

Note: there are several restaurants in the area and they share the same parking lots, so you might want to get there early, have dinner, and the come to the meeting. Alternatively, get their late, then have to walk quite some distance because all the nearby parking slots are full. :)

Map showing Brad's office.png

Here’s the view of the North side of the building with an arrow showing you were the entrance is:

Brad's Office Entrance.png